Après tout ?

If it took years for Michelangelo to be simulated by artificial intelligence, it also took me sometime to de-construct my relationship with the software I know best and use every day. If its interface predetermines me to create habits, and if more and more automation tools based on artificial intelligence are to be found within it, then I had to try and divert the uses expected by the software.

This series of self-portraits tells the story of Piétas getting damaged by a misuse of Photoshop's spot healing brush, which is no longer used to correct what is interpreted as the error, but strategically placed on different parts of the image. It's no longer a correction tool, it's a paintbrush.


If you want to get an A3 copy of one of these posters (or if you want to get the 3 of them!!), then I would be delighted to sell it/them to you.

You can also find them @ Casemate Record Store in Toulouse.