(mutualisme) is a 60-minute audiovisual performance that blends generative art, bio-sonification and music to explore the theme of solastalgia (eco-anxiety). It takes place inside a transparent polycarbonate greenhouse, where we both we sit on the floor, using our respective tools, immersed in an organic environment where the plants themselves become creative partners and sources of inspiration.

Each plant becomes a musical instrument, producing unique and evolving sounds in response to specific stimuli. The complex interaction we develop with the surrounding flora results in a constantly evolving musical composition, influenced by the organic and random energy of the plants used.

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Through the use of sensitive technologies, (mutualisme) allows us to be momentary passengers, listening to the wise words of the surrounding flora, yet it only results in the collective anguish of a dying world. or maybe, the fragile union between humans and nature represented here invites us to reconnect with the delightful world that surrounds us.

This performance is was co-written with Simon Magimel and was originally created for Acces)s(' From Solastalgia festival in Pau/Billères, and was shown for the first time there in October 2023.

We're always open for new places and festivals to book us.

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