About Isola

Isola (mental ballad) is a virtual reality experience. My challenge was to explore the theme of cartography and the ghost island. This project invites the viewer to travel through this video, which retranscribes a common everyday action: walking down the street, headphones on, with a few differences: the aim of this exploration is to immerse the user in an experience of derealization/depersonalization, a dissociative disorder, which I suffered from at the time of the project's conception, and had been suffering from for several years.


Using principles of glitch and pixel sorting, this sensitive cartography presents itself as an instrument for the symbolic visualization of empirical experience, but also as a device for the apprehension of an imprecise, glitched space, as if the user's sense of sight had weakened, or crossed its share of randomness; the derealized person's brain, like a machine, makes errors that cross the screen with the eyes, generating blurred zones to which he or she sometimes becomes accustomed.

This project was a first step, and at the time it reflected my desire to transcribe personal (even intimate) experiences, using these tools to create a sense of immersion for my audience.