Human, After All focused on the following questions: Why should we oppose the artificiality of the machine and the sensitivity of the creator? How to collaborate with machines in art? This exhibition is a follow-up to a diploma project, which dealt with the question of the use of artificial intelligence in artistic fields. With its title directly influenced by the electronic music band Daft Punk, Human, After All was intended to question the use of technology in art. It sought to remind us that all human > machine interaction is in fact human > human interaction, considering the fact that humans built these machines in the first place.

The exhibition brought together different artists with different perspectives on the question of the use of technology in art. The aim of the exhibition was neither to glorify nor to demonize the use of these technologies, but rather to encourage their use in a present in which they are questioned and given meaning.

Human, After All took place from October 21 to 27 at IPN in Toulouse, and ended with a closing party on October 29. The exhibition and its closing party gathered a total of 609 visitors.

Human, After All - 2022

Human, After All thesis  


Agathe Mathel
Camille Alquier
Ellis Laurens
Franck Miquel
Lambert Duchesne
Mickaël Duval
Romain Thibault Gaulthier
Théo Abadon
Kaspar Ravel
Simon Magimel
Lord Jalapenos
Gustave Retour
Lyschen Finkorum
Thomas Feugas
Andy Pero
Morgane Manier
Yann Leroux
Mailys Cluzet
Amélie Cliquot
Blithe Williams

With great support from Collectif IPN, Bianca Millon-Devigne, Jacques Perconte


Because the exhibiton lead to various other projects, I highly suggest that you visit H2A's website, which is the collective that formed after this experience.

Collectif H2A
Gustave Retour playing during the finissage. Picture is grainy and black and white. Someone touching Theo Abadon's artwork. We see hands on knobs. People dacing during the finissage. Picture is grainy and black and white. Two people are hugging on the foreground.